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Grow Your Business By Using Handwritten Direct Mail

Watch as your business grows and your profits soar! A marketing campaign that uses handwritten envelopes, along with a hand-placed stamp and return address label, gets opened more than 95% of the time. Why do handwritten campaigns get better results than traditional direct mail campaigns? The answer is simple: By making the piece of mail look like it was sent by a friend or relative, it compels the recipient to OPEN it. And with professionally written text, your potential customer will READ it and TAKE ACTION.

Get Ready For Your Response Rate To Climb!

Face it. Potential customers are saturated every day with all different kinds of advertising: TV and radio commercials, brochures, email blasts, etc. It's everywhere. How do you get your message to stand out and break though all this clutter?

Use handwritten direct mail!

Handwritten mail will:
*Increase the rate of return on your marketing dollar
*Rise above all the junk mail to reach your target audience, and
*Generate a higher response rate for your mailing

Spark Marketing Solutions is one of the nation's premier handwritten direct mail companies. We handle the entire campaign from start to finish. It's time to think in a new direction: Why settle for a ½% response rate, which is typical of traditional direct mail, when you can get a dramatically higher response rate with a handwritten campaign! Let Spark Marketing Solutions show you how!

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